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Introducing Seismic Barrel Bushings in DEFCON urethane!

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Liven Up Your Ride!…
with Seismic DEFCON Barrel Bushings
Deeper Lean with Truer, More Fluid Steering
Finer Control and Highly-Energetic Response


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Available in five (5) color-coded durometers and two (2) precision-fit heights: 0.65-inch Medium and 0.75-inch Tall. (Additional duros coming early 2023.)

Seismic’s DEFCON ultra-high-rebound urethane has a remarkable set of unique and highly-advanced properties – and now we’ve applied it to bushings! Defcon is the fastest wheel formula in the history of skateboard racing – credited with virtually every significant world distance and speed record, including the official Guinness Standup mark. (Pete Connolly, 91.17 mph / 146.73 kph – Sept. 16, 2017, at The Top Speed Challenge in Quebec, Canada.)

A major step forward in bushing performance!

  • Deeper lean and truer, more fluid steering with less lateral hanger slop!
  • Highly-energetic yet smooth and controlled return-to-center.
  • Larger compression range compared to other bushing formulas in the same duro – No premature packing • Fuller wheel contact (less “outside wheel lift”)
  • Smoother, more linear resistance profileConsistent feel • Advanced control

vn88 proLiên kết đăng nhập

Fine-tuned dimensions for high-performance fit!

  • Full 1.0-inch Outer Diameter optimizes seating in finer Hanger bushing pockets.
  • Inner Diameter carefully calibrated for snug fit on standard Kingpin shafts.
  • Mold-top ends machined for exact height and superior flatness. – No “dished” end surfaces.
  • Two precision-fit heights…
    Medium 0.65-inch (16.5mm): Optimized fit in most modern longboard trucks.
    Tall 0.75-inch (19mm): Optimized fit in most specialty race trucks.

Note: May feel slightly softer than comparable duros in other bushings. For optimal bushing performance, do not under-tighten or over-tighten kingpin nuts. WordStr bushings that show signs of excessive wear, weathering, or aging.

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